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Hello Everybody! Desde esta última entrada para la parte oral del examen de First, dejamos la parte cuarta, la cual tiene las siguientes características:

  • Duración: 4 minutos  (5 minutos para grupos de 3)
  • En qué consiste:
    Los candidatos responden las preguntas del examinador dando y justificando sus opiniones; están de acuerdo, o en desacuerdo, dando opciones.
  • Qué hacer: Recuerda que tienes que justificar tus opiniones, sobre todo, cuando te preguntan Why? o Why not? Esto significa que debes poner ejemplos y sacar conclusiones. Como en el resto del Speaking, hay que tener especial cuidado con los tiempos verbales y la organización de tu discurso.

Intenta que haya una concordancia perfecta, uniendo tus ideas con expresiones hechas y conectores.

Puedes responder a lo que dice el otro candidato.

A veces, el examinador os hará una pregunta a ambos candidatos, intentando generar una discusión donde cada parte da una opinión.

Posibles situaciones presentadas por el examinador y posibles respuestas:

Aquí os presentamos algunas situaciones de preguntas y respuestas del examen.

  • Do you think you have to spend a lot of money to have a good holiday… (Why?/Why not?)

Not always. For example, many people in Spain go to their village during their holidays. They spend the summer with the family and friends from their childhood and they usually have a wonderful time without having to spend any money.

  • Some people say we travel too much these days and shouldn’t go on so many holidays. What do you think?

I don’t agree at all with this idea. I think it’s important to travel and to have holidays often. First of all, travelling allows you to get to know other cultures and people and as a result you become more open. Probably, the world would be a much better place if people had more opportunities to meet, talk and understand their differences. Second, holidays are great opportunity to relax and rest, so when you come back from a holiday you’re usually much more creative and willing to work more. Lastly, holidays are the perfect occasion to spend some time with your family, which you usually can’t do if you are always working.

  • Do you think people have enough time for holidays these days? (Why?/Why not?)

Many people don’t have enough time for holidays nowadays because their jobs are very demanding or because they work on their own. There is a lot of competition and the salaries are not too high, so if you go on holidays too often your boss might not like it or you could lose clients.

  • Why do you think people like to go away on holiday?

People go away on holiday because one of the best ways to rest is to get away from routine.  Being in your hometown all year long is, at times, boring and suffocating.

Another reason is because people like to see how people live in other places. It is always a good experience to compare your life with the life of other people around the world.  If you go to a poorer country, for example, when you come back to your hometown you are probably going appreciate what you have more.

  • What do you think is the biggest advantage of living in a place where there are a lot of tourists?

The biggest advantage of living in a place where there are a lot of tourists is that many people can have a job related to tourism.  There is a great variety of jobs in this industry. For example, it is possible to open a shop to sell souvenirs, or to have a restaurant with local food, or to work as a guide.

  • What can people do to have a good holiday in (candidate’s country)? (Why?)

In Spain they can do many things because it a tourist country. Tourists can go to the beach, enjoy the good weather and the wonderful facilities such as hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, shopping centers located in recreational areas. They can also visit the mountains. Skiing is possible in the south of Spain in Sierra Nevada, as well as in the north; Baqueira Beret is a very well known ski resort in the Catalan Pyrenees. There are also many monuments and places tourists can visit, such as the cathedrals and churches, villages from the middle ages or big cities like Madrid and Barcelona. Finally, I’d like to say that in order to have a good holiday people can enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

* Thank you. This is the end of the test.

Esperamos desde Eurocollege San Fernando, que todos estos consejos te hayan hecho obtener una especial idea de cómo platear tu examen oral, y que como nuestros alumnos, hayas obtenido unas calificaciones geniales.