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feria ingles san fernandoHello Everybody; Llega el mes de Julio y la esperada por todos, Feria de San Fernando, os vamos a dejar una entrada al blog con las palabras en inglés que podemos usar para describir esta Feria del Carmen y de la Sal.

Os dejamos un listado de palabras y expresiones indispensables que cualquier extranjero debe saber si decide ir a la Feria:

  • Albero: Albero is the sandy mix of terrain that lines the sidewalks of the fairgrounds.

  • Alumbrado:  There are hundreds of thousands of bulbs covering both the portada and the lights along the streets.

  • Calle del Infierno: Literally translated as ‘Hell Street,’ the Calle del Infierno has a lot of rides, for kids and adults.

  • Caseta: The makeshift tents that line the streets of the Real. Each caseta has a kitchen, bathroom and room to dance or eat.

  • Complementos: A traditional dress is nothing without its larger-than-life accesories Women don shawls (mantoncillos), earrings (pendientes), combs (peinetas) and large flowers, and it’s not uncommon to see bracelets of necklaces, either.

  • Corrida de Toros: Some bullfighters come to San Fernando during the fair to practice their sport at the bull ring.

  • Pescaito Frito: Typical meal of the fair, fried fish is usually served everywhere.

  • Farolillo: Paper lanterns that are strung up in the fairgrounds and lit at night.

  • Fino: Sherry wine made from Palomino grapes that is consumed by the bucketload. Another typical drink mixture is rebujito.

  • Portada: Taking on a different design every year, the portada is the main gate of the feria. It’s covered in lightbulbs and is known as a meeting point .

  • Real de la Feria: The recinto ferial isn’t enough of a name

  • Rebujito: This sherry and 7-up hybrid is the drink of choice for many people during the week. Served in a pitcher with ice and small glasses for sipping, it’s concocted from a half litre of dry sherry and two cans of the soft drink.

  • Sevillanas:  Sevillanas is a four-part dance in which partners court one another. The basic steps repeat over and over again

  • Traje de Gitana: Women tend to wear a dress  with ruffles and polka dots, known as a traje de gitana or simply a traje.

Esperamos que disfrutéis mucho de la fiesta y seáis capaces de disfrutar extranjeros y ciudadanos de la ciudad de San Fernando, pero con el control necesario para poder disfrutar de toda esta semana de fiesta, alegría y celebración.